Welcome to Woodbine Modern School

 Woodbine Modern School was created by the vision of late Dr. S.M.Nawab in 1991 to impart quality education to the children of Darbhanga  and its suburbs, with the objective of promotion of excellence.

Dr. S.M.Nawab was a class and an institution in himself. He had always been a great source of inspiration and energy in  shaping up this school. “Without ideals, without efforts, wirhout scholarship, without philosophical continuity, there is no such thing as eduction” and behind this stands Dr. S.M.Nawab, who always furnished this institution by his ideals, scholary advice and philosophical ideas. Basking in the glory of his ideals, today. Woodbine modern school stands erect in imbibing the real values of education to its children.


From The Desk of Secretary

From The Desk of Principal

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